Installing Software on Linux

Part One

Whatever you’re doing in your research, it won’t be long before you find yourself needing some piece of software that you don’t currently have. Installing software can sometimes seem a little like black magic, with cryptic commands that need to be run and arcane rituals that have to be performed... [Read More]

Working with remote computers

SSH tips and tricks

Often, we need to use computers other than the one currently sat on our desk, for instance in order to do some really heavy calculations. To access remote machines, the tool of choice is ssh. This week we take a dive into exploring how ssh works, and some tips and... [Read More]

Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks

This week, Steve led a hands-on demo introducing Jupyter Notebooks. Notebooks are a great way to keep electronic lab books, for exploring data, or for sharing analysis methods with your collaborators. Steve took us through getting Jupyter Notebooks on our machines, demonstrating their use, and some useful extensions he’s found... [Read More]

Mixing languages

Have you ever wanted to use a Python GUI with your C functions? What about combining Python’s string handling with bespoke Fortran code? If so, then this Coding Club was for you! Ben Dudson and Jacob Wilkins gave us a hands-on practical session which took us through all the steps... [Read More]