Introduction to GPU programming

In recent years, GPUs have become an important tool in research computing. GPUs are also complex beasts to tame, and care is required when using them in order to ensure that you don’t end up with another bottleneck in your worfklow. [Read More]
Tags: HPC, GPU

Test Driven Development

Testing your code is an essential part of good practice in software development, but you sometimes hear that it takes too long to write them therefore they’re not worth the cost. Today, we talked about how in reality, writing tests can actually speed up the time to results, and how... [Read More]

More Data Analysis in Python with Pandas

You’ve taken some data off an experiment, gathered it in the field, or dumped it from a bunch of simulations and you’ve found some amazing result! How do you quickly show off that result in a beautiful graph? You could use a spreadsheet, but maybe you want to make it... [Read More]