Using Python for shell scripts

One of the virtues of a programmer is laziness – if you find yourself doing something more than twice, you should automate it. If the thing you want to automate is some commands in your terminal, you’re probably tempted to reach for the most immediate tool at hand, a shell... [Read More]

Meltdown and Spectre

At the start of 2018, a set of three serious bugs in CPU hardware were revealed to be affecting the vast majority of processors manufactured since the mid-90s. This week, Ed explained how these bugs work, explaining some advanced features of CPUs along the way. [Read More]

Python packaging

Your code is important too

The code we write is often a means to an end: our main outputs are papers, PhD theses, talks and grants. But a lot of work goes into writing the code, and often this work is lost when someone leaves, and repeated by the next person. The code is also... [Read More]

Installing Software on Linux

Part Two

Last week, we started looking at installing software for ourselves. We pick it up again this week, taking it a bit further, looking at common ways things can go south, and some general tips and methods for solving these problems. [Read More]