Data Analysis in Python with Pandas

What do you do with the data you’ve collected from your experiment or simulation? It’s pretty rare that the data gets published without some kind of analysis being done first. Pandas is a Python package designed to make this analysis easier, faster and more robust. It harnesses both Numpy and... [Read More]


It’s important to have a broad variety of tools in your belt, and a new programming language is a great addition. This week, Ed took us through the basics of Perl 6, a high-level, general purpose language. Perl has a rich history, its flexibility and expressiveness making it a favourite... [Read More]

Getting ORGanised

There are a thousand apps for organising your life, calendars, todo lists, note trackers, but the big kahuna, the true Swiss army knife is org-mode. Out of the box, org-mode understands LaTeX and code snippets, todo lists and bookmarks, projects and agendas. Best of all, it comes with a powerful... [Read More]