Python packaging

Your code is important too

The code we write is often a means to an end: our main outputs are papers, PhD theses, talks and grants. But a lot of work goes into writing the code, and often this work is lost when someone leaves, and repeated by the next person. The code is also... [Read More]

Installing Software on Linux

Part Two

Last week, we started looking at installing software for ourselves. We pick it up again this week, taking it a bit further, looking at common ways things can go south, and some general tips and methods for solving these problems. [Read More]
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Installing Software on Linux

Part One

Whatever you’re doing in your research, it won’t be long before you find yourself needing some piece of software that you don’t currently have. Installing software can sometimes seem a little like black magic, with cryptic commands that need to be run and arcane rituals that have to be performed... [Read More]
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Working with remote computers

SSH tips and tricks

Often, we need to use computers other than the one currently sat on our desk, for instance in order to do some really heavy calculations. To access remote machines, the tool of choice is ssh. This week we take a dive into exploring how ssh works, and some tips and... [Read More]
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