Bugs in code are a fact of life, and being able to quickly debug a failing program is a vital skill for any software developer. This week, Matt Probert led another hands-on session on debugging using the standard Linux debugger, gdb. [Read More]

How to do everything in Emacs

Something a bit different this week. Working with various different codes in various different languages, along with writing presentations, talks and papers, I spend most of my day writing text, just with different syntaxes. As such, I like to be able to do it all in the same program –... [Read More]

Python for scientific calculations

This week Ben Dudson gave us a crash course in how to use Python efficiently for scientific calculations, showing us various ways to get decent speeds out of pure Python code. [Read More]
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This week, David Dickinson gave the first of our hands-on sessions, teaching us about how to profile software. Profiling is an essential tool in any software developer’s toolbox, allowing us to find bottlenecks in the code and target our optimisation efforts. [Read More]


Richard Evans gave an introduction to optimising your code, showing us some tips and tricks to help the compiler generate optimal code, and ultimately give us our simulation results faster.